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Hello. We’re Phone Box Theatre. We make new shows with themes of connection, isolation and communication. We combine abstract storytelling with stylised technical designs. We strive to make accessible and environmentally sustainable theatre.

Phone Box Team

Laura Wolczyk

Laura has previously produced ‘The Escape Room’, ‘Quiz Show’, ‘Trainspotting’, and ‘Wishful Thinking’ (The Nottingham New Theatre), alongside working as an Administrative Assistant at Lakeside Arts and now works as Derby LIVE’s Marketing Assistant. In 2019, she joined Paradise Green as a technician for the Edinburgh Fringe, having been Technical Manager for ‘Working Class Hero’ (The Nottingham New Theatre) at the Festival the year before.

Photo: The Nottingham New Theatre

Sam Osborne
Co-Producer; Production Manager

Sam is a Freelance Theatre Technician and Production Manager based in the East Midlands and has lit productions of ‘Pomona’, ‘Rhinoceros’, and ‘Order From Chaos’; sound designed ‘Vincent River’, ‘Vehement’ and ‘Alice in Wonderland’ (all The Nottingham New Theatre). He has also worked with Lakeside Arts (Technician), Paradise Green (Technical Manager), Barn Theatre (Technician) and YESYESNONO (Production Manager). He has produced new writing such as ‘Do I Wanna Know’.

Photo: Miguel Barrulas

Daniel McVey
Artistic Director

Daniel is a Director, specialising in adaptations of classics, such as ‘Doctor Faustus’ and ‘Franz Woyzeck’, the latter of which went to the Edinburgh Festival (‘Franz and Marie: Woyzeck Retold’) in 2019. Also in 2019, Daniel led StuFF (The Nottingham New Theatre’s summer arts festival) as Festival Coordinator, leading the overall organisation of the festival (logistics, health and safety, marketing). He now works as the Programming and Marketing Assistant at Nonsuch Studios.

Photo: The Nottingham New Theatre

Phone Box Shows

Provocation by Thomas Heath

PROVOCATION will be performed in 2021 at The White Bear Theatre, London, as part of Make It Beautiful's SHORTS festival.

Alexi is driven to a place beyond reality, called to a dimly lit room overlooking the city by a force they don’t understand. All they find is Sam, a person who seems to know everything about them and willing to serve their every need. It’s only when Alexi reveals their deepest secrets, that they are faced with the terrifying nature of what they’ve found.

Pareidolia 2020 by Daniel McVey

PAREIDOLIA 2020 was available for free on YouTube from 30th September - 31st October, 2020

Three people have decided to say something. Something important to them, supposedly. But things are going wrong (and it’s not just their internet bandwidth).

No matter how hard they try they can’t agree on a way to say it.
No matter how hard they try they can’t seem to do it right, the way they planned.
And no matter how hard they try: Z can’t help but be a Tennyson poem, X can’t help but be a Russian antihero, and Y can’t help but be the world of L. Frank Baum.

Things are going to have to change.

PAREIDOLIA 2020 is a 75-minute film, recorded and produced in isolation during the Covid-19 pandemic. It was released on 30th September, 2020, and was available online until 31st October. It combines monologues, video conferences and public domain footage.

Interface by Thomas Heath

INTERFACE will be performed at The Nottingham New Theatre once theatres are able to re-open following the Covid-19 pandemic.

Bella, Marcus and Danni struggle to communicate through the digital isolation they’ve found themselves trapped in. Bella tries to help two desperate customers; Marcus watches the people he loves slip by; and Danni finds a hole inside her that absorbs her most precious memories. In the midst of their distorted world, the three attempt to break through the endless streams of media that corrupt their existence.

INTERFACE explores the facets of human beings who are desperate to have one real, tangible conversation before they are swept away entirely by our devastating obsession with technology.

Incorporating live audio playback with traditional performance, INTERFACE belongs to black-box studio spaces of any size and is for anyone who doesn’t want to feel alone anymore.

INTERFACE will be available for tour booking once venues reopen following Covid-19. If you would like us to bring it to your venue, please get in touch.